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Care and Support

The setting strives to provide the utmost and highest level of care for all individuals residing at the home. The service and staff team aims to promote independence for each individual by supporting and encouraging them to express themselves, make their own choices and decisions regarding daily routines, health and well-being.

Staff support all individuals to participate in various activities such as making meals, daily chores, laundry, hobbies, activities, and interests that ensures individuals are provided with life skills and a sense of purpose. Staff support and encourage all individuals to access the community, classes, clubs, to visit friends and family and places of worship. Our trained Staff assist and support individuals to attend any appointments when required. Individuals who can access the community independently are given the choice to attend any appointments by themselves or with staff support & assistance.

Individuals are encouraged to participate in regular group discussions and meetings. Individuals who reside at the service are given an opportunity to voice opinions and choices for activities, staffing, meal choices, chores, outings, holidays, their home, etc. all choices and opinions are logged and presented to the manager, any changes to menus, activity plans, etc. will then be accommodated.

There are risk assessments and a safeguarding policy in place for staff to follow and when it is recognised an individual lacks the capacity to manage their own safety – in line with deprivation of liberty safeguarding legislation (DoLS).

Individuals are encouraged to have visitors, however, a visitor's policy is in place. Individuals chose to only receive visitors between allocated times, we offer online video calls for those who are unable to visit, but still wish to keep in contact with loved ones. A visitor logbook is used to promote safety. All personal information is stored in a locked store cupboard ensuring data protection and protection from harm.

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